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Hello everybody and welcome on board. You landed in the Gravella’s land, where all the dreams are possible. We are a couple of an Italian and a German. We both love cooking, eating, drinking (both wine and beer) but, despite the love goes through the belly first, we love to travel.

We decided to sell everything, leave our jobs and embark to discover the world. Easier to do than to say? You are about to discover it.



Benvenuti and Willkommen folks!


P.s.: we left at home also the fancy dress and the suit and tie you see in our picture 🙂

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Places visited during world travel

ON THE DISCOVERY OF OUR PAST - Interview with Giornale di Vicenza

ON THE DISCOVERY OF OUR PAST - Interview with Giornale di Vicenza


An unexpectedly happy surprise for us in the month of June: the newspaper “Il Giornale di Vicenza” published an article describing our way through the world, on the hunt of more information about our past.

From Georgia to Kazakhstan to discover Alex’s past and from Australia to Argentina to know more about Marta’s family.

Many thanks for this beautiful article, which made us travel back in time!

May the journey, the one that leads in the discovering of ourselves, never end!

SCHOOL AT TIME OF CORONAVIRUS - Interview with the students of Liceo Galileo Galilei of Verona

SCHOOL AT TIME OF CORONAVIRUS - Interview with the students of Liceo Galileo Galilei of Verona


Have you ever wondered how school is taught by the teachers during Coronavirus? We had the privileged to attend to English classes with the students of Galileo Galilei High School of Verona, talking with them about our world travel experience.

Thanks a lot to Silvia Zoppello, English teacher and friend, for this interesting experience!



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We have been interviewed by Marie, a dedicated supporter of sustainability. Marta got to know her during a workshop in Zug a couple of years ago and now she has been telling our stories through her cool blog, OUTSIDETHEBOX. Check it out!



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Australia on the road

Australia on the road


For all our Italian-speaking readers, the travelblog of published our tips and tricks based on our epic roadtrip through Australia 🙂

Three weeks of happiness!



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``Il giro del mondo a 30 anni``

``Il giro del mondo a 30 anni``

For Italian speakers and/or sympathizers of the Italian language:

Marta wrote an article about our world travel on, a blog about Italian women abroad. Featuring how it all began, the doubts, burning ships, the excitement and the relief and joy that came with that decision and how it feels to be in the road for (at that moment) 4 months – enjoy

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Did you know that we ended up on Georgian national TV?

While in Georgia I was searching to find out more about my grandfather’s past who was born in a little town called Bolnissi. In 1941 he was deported to Kazakhstan by the Red Army because he was German and Stalin thought all Germans could potentially join Hitler’s forces. Kazakhstan seemed far away enough..

The interest in the story was great, so a Georgian TV channel made a little documentary about it. The video is in Georgian, enjoy ?

Big thank you to the people that helped me find out more about my grandpa’s and hence my past. We even found the house he lived in ?



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