The unbearable lightness of being…FREE

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

We’re leaving today. We are excited, incredulous and probably even a little unprepared. But after all, when have we been totally prepared in this life?

So many thoughts, so many emotions and so many things have happened in these last months of life together: we quit our jobs for good, we left our beautiful 4-room apartment we had in Zurich and sold everything we had.

We had a lot of evening visits, almost daily, for more than 3 months: people who came to see the apartment. People who came to pick up the furniture, which we saw leaving reluctantly but on the other hand we relieved ourselves of a weight of material possession that sometimes blocks you and paralyzes in choices.

We said goodbye to our colleagues, to our friends, to all known faces. We had to say goodbye to the comforts of the city of Zurich, to its trains which are always on time, to its security that allows a woman to go out at any time of the night and return home secure, to its mountains and its lakes that take your breath away. And we had to say goodbye to all the other friends who, even if not in Zurich, are our daily life and our driving strength, scattered all over the world.

We had to inform our families, with whom, even if we don’t see each other every day, we have developed a beautiful relationship. Because the distance is bad, yes, but sometimes the daily and physical presence brings to the table frivolous discussions that make you lose sight of why those people are among the most important of your life.  And this step was hard, but also wonderful because only in this way we were able to spend more time with both our families together. Our families, who do not have any common language to speak officially, but who together speak the most beautiful language: that of harmony and love.

We had to close a lot of accounts: insurances, phone & internet subscriptions, pensions, pillars (those who live in Switzerland will understand ?) and other contracts. We were very careful to do everything in time, because doing everything in time in Switzerland requires a special organization… Moreover, our case study was really unknown: first of all, LEAVE SWITZERLAND (and why such madness)? And then: to have a residence in Germany but without being employed, nor looking for a new job… what category do we fall into? No one has ever understood it. And neither do we… in the meantime we will bring some papers still to be finished on the road…

We had to register in Germany, if we wanted to open a travel insurance together. At Alex’s house and in the third city where Marta lived in Germany. They told us that you cannot “exist” without having a place to write your residence, but this statement remains to be verified in the coming months ?.

And why do we want to share all this with you?

Because we are happy. Certainly tired, but happy. We do not run away from something or someone, we did not hate work, we do not go because we are angry with the world.

We leave for this trip because so far we have always been happy, but too many times we have missed the time to realize it. We were always too busy, too fast, too chasing something that we don’t even know if it was our final desire.

So, why are we doing this? For love: love for life, love for adventure, love for the two of us.

We have already lived in many countries (Marta in the USA, Spain, Poland, Germany and Switzerland & Alex in France, Australia and Switzerland), we know well what it means to lack friends and family and adapt to new lifestyles. We love each other in many different languages, but we don’t feel different at all: on the contrary, we love each other because we feel so special to each other.

Today we begin a journey that leads us not only to the discovery of wonderful countries and sad realities, but also to the search for our past (we will go to Georgia, where Alex’s grandfather was born and to Kazakhstan, where Alex was born) but above all to our present, which sometimes remains a little too lost between yesterday and tomorrow. And the choice is not due to work or study, but it is ours: what more do we want?

Peace & Love,

The Gravella’s


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