100 days of travel: how does it feel?

Written by Marta

14th of August 2019- 100 DAYS OF TRAVEL – MARTA’S THOUGHTS
Today I look at Alex, my partner in (travel) crime, the one who listens to me and helps me when I wake up suddenly with nightmares at night, who makes me laugh when I feel low, who drives me mad but then always finds a way to make me smile. Today we celebrate 100 days of travel, of moments, of glances, of panoramas that have filled our eyes and hearts.

In these last months I saw so many smiles, I breathed scents and smells that only different environments and places can create.

We saw snakes, scorpions and wild horses. We saw monkeys with long noses, dolphins with flat faces and so many goats.

We saw plants that I didn’t know existed (even carnivorous) and we ate foods of which I have difficulty remembering the name but I’m sure I won’t ever forget the flavor.?

I sweated, wandering around with our backpacks, filling it up every time not only with clothes, but also with memories, sensations, happy days and other less happy moments in which I died of heat or cold.

I woke up in many different beds, often wondering where I was, but then always knowing that I was in the place where I had to be at that time.

I found myself having time to think, to let my mind wander.

In this last month, I found myself detaching myself from my cell phone more and looking more at what is around me, observing.

I started walking more slowly (I, who never had anything slow in my life: my life has always been the last kilometers of a marathon of which I could never see the end), to want to sit at least 10 minutes after I finished eating.

I started to appreciate the people who don’t avoid looking at you, but smile at you when your eyes meet. God (whichever God it is) bless them.?

I had a blind gentleman give me a massage, who I thought he saw a lot more than we all know.
100 days of travel and at least 1000 new sensations. Because life is a thrill that flies by, it is all a balance over madness. And sometimes, the crazy part is not realizing how wonderful this journey called life is.

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