Buongiorno & Guten Tag

to everyone

Why should you travel with us?

Welcome to our Flights of Fancy. You landed on a very unsual soil: we are two travelers (ok, nothing new), coming from Germany and Italy (less usual, you see?), living our lives here and there where hearts, work and pleasure leaded us.
And since our heart brings us far away, we just decided to sell everything, leave our jobs and fall in love with life again 🙂
Are you ready to take off with us?

Reason 1

Because we would like to show you give you an UNFILTERED view of the countries, being honest about what is going on in the world and how we perceive it there.


Reason 2

We are same same but different: we would like to show you how countries can be seen through the eyes of two different nationalities and gendres.


Reason 3

Happiness is real when it shared.

We would like to share happiness with you guys, get inspired by your thoughts and maybe inspire you.


Reason 4

Our travel will not be just a wandering around. We are trying to discover our roots: we will visit some places where pieces of our past are still lying, a bit unknown.

Have you ever wondered where your roots are from?

What will you find on our Instagram and Facebook accounts?

We will keep you posted on our travel adventures.
You will find useful informations, tips and tricks and facts and feelings.
In particular, we decided not to give only our together point of view but also our opinion.

To make you understand a bit more of ourselves, here a short description of us: you might feel more to one point of view or the others. We will try to mix them up for you, to show you how the experiences can be perceived in a different way.


NAME: Alex
NATIONALITY: German (born in Kazakstan)
HOBBIES: Reading, whiskey and cuban cigar. What else?
PASSION: Fruits :p
MOTTO: Better see something once than hear about it 1000 times


NAME: Marta
HOBBY: sport, from basketball to running, from swimming to surfing
PASSION: try out new cuisines–> cooking AND EATING
MOTTO: Not all who wander are lost

Have you ever wondered how this leaving your job and going on the greatest adventures of all feels like?

Imagine one day you wake up: it is already 9am, the alarm o’clock didn’t go off. You swear in your language and then you try to confusely wake up and figure out where are your cloths to go to work. And then, suddendly, it hits you: your partner is peacefully sleeping next to you and you find yourself in a 4 walls room that you call home for that day. Outside, unsual sounds, perfumes, lights are coming through your window. And then you realize… you are travelling, maybe on the other side of the world, far from home but FREE. And the only thought you have in that moment is
Wear your smile and tackle the day 🙂